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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

24 Hour Comic Book PAGES

Well, it’s been almost a solid month, without posting the pages of my 24 Hour Comic Book Day pages.
Not entirely sure why I’ve waited so long to post these. I think I was waiting to write some elaborate article on the PROS vs CONS of my day, or something along those lines. I will say, this was a totally awesome experience. Something I will most definitely be doing again next year. Not only what I learned about myself, but what I can accomplish under a deadline placed on myself.

Another thing, is that the book was never finished. I made it to page 19, art only. If you watched the previous updates, I mentioned that I came up with the plots fairly quickly. I also had a word document with a rough script as well. Since this was supposed to be done all on the same day, I feel like it would be dishonest to finish the book. This is not to say that I won’t “redo” this script/comic at some time. I think it has some solid potential (for me anyways J )

Finally so you have an idea, the theme of the book was “Out of chaos, comes Order”. The main character finds out that he has the blood of ancient heroes inside of him. A wizard awakens this inside him, and he is able to destroy the oppressors in the world. So, there is some flash backs, showing the heroes of old. Enough lip service, ENJOY!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art Of Jonathan Rector Volume 1 - CANADIAN THANKSGIVING SALE!

Hey everyone!
Just to inform you all, that I have a sale right now on my Artbook! Both the print & the digital versions.

DIGITAL - $4.99 NOW $1.25! (Click HERE for the "digital" copy link)
PAPER - $14.99 NOW $9.50! (Click HERE for the "paper" copy link)

This sale starts today (Thursday, October 6, 2011 & will run until Monday, October 10, 2011)!

And as usual, you can check out more information, including a Video going from cover to cover, so you can see what is inside before you make a purchase!