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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hero of the Day: Gambit

Seems like I'm slowing down on these. The last few entries have never seem completion. I may have to adjust my style a bit to keep it more "simple". Gotta try my best to fit these within the hour!

Till tomorrow!

P.S. Seems like I'm on an X-Men kick, so what the heck! This will be X-Men week...or 2 weeks :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

hero of the Day: Colossus

Ran out of time again with this guy. I think this week, to fit in more time, I'll stick to traditional means. See what happens :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hero of the Day: Superman

For some reason, whenever I draw Supes, I get scared. He's such an iconic character, that I always feel like I'll mess him up somehow! I rushed the "inks" on this one, as the hour ran up. Good practice!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hero of the Day: Black Panther

This little guy took a little longer than I had scheduled. I got lost in having fun with the shadows. Need to be more disciplined, and not try to add all the "bells & whistles" if time runs out.

See you later!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LIVE! Scribbles with Jonathan COMICS

Did a quick test today to see if I could stream doing a panel of a comic.Seems to have worked, which is great news!

Hero of the Day: Rorschach

Not sure how I feel about this one. Was having problems with it from the start. I think I may have "saved" it by cheating. Throwing down inks and light rendering.

There's always tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wizard World Toronto 2012!

Hey everyone!

Looks like I'm all locked in! This is really early, but I will be a Guest at next years Wizard World Toronto! Feel free to check out more information here!

Hero of the Day: Black Cat

This one took a little longer than the hour today. Was juggling emails and business chats. Had fun with this though!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hero of the Day: Ghost Rider

I was able to stream this drawing on the UStream this morning, which was great! If you were there while the show was live, thanks once again for watching!

I took suggestions from the room, and we went with Ghost Rider. I got a chance to add those cheesy smoke effects! Either way, had a blast.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hero of the Day: The Hulk & The Silver Surfer

Blogspot was down yesterday, so this update has two mighty super heroes!

It's tough only limiting myself to an hour with these. Especially the Hulk. It looks so plain without any bells and whistles ha ha! The Surfer on the other hand, well, I took a little more time with that one. It is Saturday...soooo :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hero of the Day: Spider-Man

So I'm going to start doing Hero doodles and sketches for a while. I've been so busy with client work, that everything is getting lost in the internets ha ha!

So stay tuned, as I'll update daily (as best I can), of Heroes, and probably villains as well! Enjoy this quick Spider-Man!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Drawing The Standard: An Interview With Jonathan Rector

Hey guys!

I wanted to make a quick blog post, plugging a recent interview I completed with the writer of The Standard, John Lees. Thanks again John, I had a great time!

If you’ve seen last week’s preview for The Standard #1, and the great collection of original artwork that’s been cropping up on this blog since it began, you’ll already know how important the contribution of Jonathan Rector has been to The Standard.  The incredibly talented Canadian artist has worked previously on Kord & Harley for Arcana Comics and Political Powers: Joe Biden for Bluewater Productions, and his art will soon be seen in Jamie Gambell’s superhero upcoming comic The Hero Code.  But in my biased opinion, he’s been producing some of his best work ever for The Standard, and even if the story hasn’t grabbed your interest, I’d still recommend you pick up this comic just to marvel at the stunning artwork Jon has delivered for this comic.
Jonathan Rector has agreed to take time out of his busy schedule (I know his schedule is busy because of I’m the one making him draw all these pages) to do an interview for this blog.

John Lees: Okay, we’ll start with the boring biographical bit that I’m sure is asked in every interview ever.  What made you first decide you wanted to be a comic book artist?

First, thanks for the interview John!   It’s been a wild ride working with you, and everyone on The Standard.  I fully agree with you, I’ve been having a blast working on the project, and seeing it to fruition is a great feeling.
As for what made me get into comics, it’s a little long, so I’ll try to shorten it up.  When I was younger, my family and I moved back to Windsor, Ontario.  My mom and I were walking around the small little town of Tecumseh, and we stopped into a comic book store.  I remember buying something like 10 copies of X-Men.  The one with the 4 page fold out cover, drawn by Jim Lee.  It wasn’t so much as the comics that made me go back, but the environment.  The “nerds and geeks” people called them.  I called it a second home.  My brother and I made a lot of friends there, playing Magic the Gathering, and leafing through comics from the shelves.

...check out the rest of the interview here!