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Friday, October 24, 2008

New technique and Life Drawlings!

Hey gang.

So, the first pic is a thumbnail. Around the size of your hand stretched out. Basically, I bought this "Drawing Comics" by Stephen Platt. Really awesome artist too. So it all fundimentally boils down to these steps:

Work small. Thumbnail size. Then blow it up via photoshop/photo copier (to the size of comic board), then print her out, somewhat trace it on, and detail that som-bitch up.

So far its really interesting. I'm able to keep alot of energy this way. It's taking me a little longer than normal per/page. But I'm sure that will get fixed!

Next up is a few life drawings, as well as a combo of em all. I think I will upload them weekly like this. I like it. Keep the pencils sharp chiefs!

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