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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The KIRBY Fantastic 4 Project + New Site SOON!

Just a quick announcment for a quick side project I'm tackling.

As part of my art regime I have lined out for myself this year, I'm going to be redrawing pages from the Fantastic 4. Pretty much the first issue for sure. I will be going back and fourth between different artists and such, trying to broden my style, and learn tons on my journey!

Now, I'm going to assume that if I posted every single page of the books re-drawn, I may get in trouble. SO. I will try to post every other page...or every 3rd page. Just to be safe.

Also, I should mention my artistic intention to this as well. I do not plan on replicating the pages/artwork 100%. What I do wish to do, is draw very close to the originals, but adding some things of my own. Be they major or minor.

All this for the love of art, and the sake of imporvement! Have fun guys and gals, and until next time, keep those pencils BURNING!

New website is in the works as well. I have some HUGE plans that I hope to achieve this year, and this lame site layout simply WILL NOT DO. So, stay tuned for all that jazz as well!

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