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Friday, April 16, 2010

WAR comic review!

WAR comic review!

20 page mini-comic by Mark Rudolph
Comic can be bought from

Lets get the not related details out of the way first! A few months back, I came across an incredible podcast called, Art & Story (found here: While listening daily to this show, the hosts of the show continually talked about personal projects as points of reference, to the many topics. I not only wanted to give them support, but I was very interested in picking up one or two of said books.

So the first one I received was WAR, by Mark Rudolph. Man, was a great little book. It will take you roughly 10 minutes to finish the story, from cover to cover. I won't go much into details about the story, there is a really cool twist in there however. I will say, do not get this book for the story. The story works for what it is, but it isn't mind blowing at all. What drew me to book was Mark's art. Simple as that. As a Jack Kirby fan, seeing Mark's work was so impressive! He is definitely not a clone, or a direct copy for Kirbys work, but a heavy influence is there, and its a really great adapted style.

All in all, I say buy this book. If not to simply support the Indy guys, or the Art & Story show, but for the fun little ride you will get with the book.

To recap, here are some pros and cons:

-Fantastic art
-Bite size comic
-Production value
-Touch of love is definitely apparent

-Story (not terrible by any means, just perhaps a little "left to the imagination")

Buy this book! Personally, cannot wait to see what else Mark releases!

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