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Friday, October 1, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!

So, my comics order from Amazon showed up last night! Can't wait to start flipping through these bad boys! I thought I would share some pictures/info about the books I ordered. Lets get on with it!

First up is X-MEN: Dark Phoenix Saga. I recently heard some buzz about this book on Twitter, did some review searching and hear, this is one of the best X-MEN stories told. So, I'll letcha know!

Next up, is MARVEL MASTERWORKS: The Silver Surfer. Now, on Amazon, it says the art is by Jack Kirby. That's really the only reason I picked it up. Once I opened up my package and found out it wasn't, I was pretty let down. Same thing happened to me with the MasterWorks: Spider-Man trades. But, as I flipped through it, the art blew me away! This is my first book with John Buscema's art, and man, I'm hooked!

Next, is HAUNT! Written by Kirkman with layouts done by Greg Capullo, pencils by Ryan Ottley, and inks by McFarlane? SOLD! I'll letcha know how this baby turns out. To be honest, I can't wait for the second trade, as from what I hear, it's 100% Capullo's art. It has been way too long since I've seen some awesome Capullo art!

Ninja Turtles!! These were the only two books that looked interesting! The first one (Cartoon looking) is what apparently formed the idea for the cartoon show. The books are from Archie Comics, so it has that old school vibe. I dig!

The second one was iffy. Based on the cover you know what kind of book this is. Published by HEAVY METAL, and art by Simon Bisley? Oh baby!

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