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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The "Paladin" Mini-Comic, Part 2 -Da HUNGAH!

Well here we go!

If this doesn't prove my inability to stay focused on one thing, I don't know what will! As I was talking to some of the awesome people on Art&Story, I started to see where I was headed with my original idea for the mini-comic. And the more I talked about it, the more I thought about it, and the more I could clearly see where it was headed. Into the realm of NOT being a mini-comic.

I was walking out of the bathroom, and for some reason I came up with a random idea. An idea of a boy trying to get his balloon down. He tried and tried, and by the end he freaked out, and destroyed it. Then his mother would say something about the balloon, and the boy would regret it.

So  I sat down to pencil this. Instantly, the boy turned into a troll. The balloon turned into a bird. Suddenly, it was the same story, but totally different. Isn't it awesome how things can change that quickly??

The story is about a Troll, who is very hungry! He comes across a bird, and tries to kill it and eat it. Things don't work out so easily for the Troll!

Here are the VERY rough layouts for the story. Now called, DA HUNGAH! It's a play on how trolls talk in World of Warcraft. Angles will most likely change, and the placement of the wording, and a lot of things really. But this is it. The start, middle and end of the mini-comic. Story wise! Now. . . to tighten everything up! Talk to you soon in part 3!

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