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Friday, March 25, 2011

First time with analog inks, and the Pentel Brush Pen!

Just a quick blog post today guys!

I showed a bunch of you on Thursday a quick sketch I was working on, with a new toy I purchased. The Pentel Brush Pen (You can check out the one I bought by clicking here). I heard so many awesome things about it, I thought that it would be a great introductory, into the world of Inking on paper.

I have a few gripes with the pen itself, mostly being a brush and not a pen I think. I am happy with the results of seeing how far something can be pushed, and I'm in love with the dry brush effects. Using this brush has me thinking of all sorts of cool and nasty comic ideas. Like a friend on Twitter told me "@artbyjar Ink bottles will start to appear in your workspace. I see dip pens in your future. -@Gonzalexx" And I think he's right!

I'll post more updates as I mess around with this thing, but here is that "test" and sketch all completed. You'll see more of this guy in my upcoming mini comic. Talk to you soon!

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