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Friday, September 16, 2011

Webcomic Style Test

Hey friends!
I finished these up over the last few days. I've been bouncing around in my mind, weighing the pros over the cons. I keep thinking that I should keep these close to the vest for now, and I'm going to go ahead with that.

BUT! Before I stop cold turkey on you guys, I'll show you the doodles.

Keep in mind that these are simple style tests. Many things will change (style, black and white? Or colour? How Fantasy will the characters/story be? Will they be even MORE cartooney? etc...)

So enjoy the little sketches, and I'll keep you updated once some serious walls have been knocked down, and it starts to look like this will become a reality. Until then, I'll keep hacking away!

Keep reading comics, and keep MAKING comics everyone! Talk soon :)

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