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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My All Ages Comic!

Hey everyone!

So I have started a Video Diary, journaling my adventure into making my first creator owned comic book. In case you missed it, you can scroll down a little bit to see the embedded YouTube video, or click here!

I also wanted to start throwing some stuff on my Blog pertaining to the project. Basically tossing bits and pieces here until I release new videos.

So today, I decided to do a very quick shot of the types of characters the Heroes will be representing! BIRDS! Not just any birds, but Canadian birds! The story I'm trying to tell is one of youth and entertainment. A call back to all the cartoons/shows I watched as a kid. I really wanted to base this comic out of Canada mostly, since there aren't enough comics targeting Canadians. I don't want to saturate the book with Canadian content, just make some sights and backgrounds Canadian locations. I'll get more into this in the next video, but here is the quick shot of the animals representing the heroes:

Now I can only imagine what your thinking! But have faith! Here is a
concept of one of the main characters in the CANADA GOOSE costume:

I also want to throw out there, that this is simply a very early concept. I will be pushing these further once we start getting down to what I like. The style as well is only meant for concepts. The look of the book will be very "bubbly" so to speak. Something similar to the Magma Rhino I drew earlier last week!

I'll finish up with saying thanks! Thanks for reading this and stopping by. I hope you enjoy this little ride, and will stick around for more progress and updates. G'night my friends!

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