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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Standard Comic Contest!!!

Hey guys!

So here we are! Finally launching the Standard Comic Contest! Man, this is going to be so awesome! Let's get down to what, I think, is the best part of the contest...the PRIZES!!

-A FREE signed comic, The Standard issue #1 by Jonathan Rector!
-Your Hero will make a small cameo in issue #2 of The Standard!
-A video of Jonathan Rector sketching your character. You will then get it mailed to you!

-A FREE signed comic, The Standard issue #1 by John Lees!

Excited yet? I hope so! Now, lets get the important details and rules out of the way shall we?

1) This is a Mature book. So make sure your parents are OK with that. No sexuality, but some extreme violence, and mild profanity.
2) Create a HERO! Don't worry if you can't draw a perfect circle. Just do your best! We are judging based on creativity, not craftsmanship!
3) Give a short description including, name, powers, and traits. No biographys needed!
4) Does not need to be in colour. But feel free to do so. No brownie points for coluoring it however!
5) Email me your entry (one per person) to jonathan_a_rector AT hotmail dot com. Or VIA Twitter. My user name on there is artbyjar
6) ALL ENTRIES DUE OCTOBER 31st! The drawing will be done the first week of November!

I have also included a video to help describe things better:

So best of luck everyone! If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know!

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