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Monday, June 6, 2011

Jesop King Mini Comic - Page 1

Hey everyone!

I was able to scrape some time up and finish page 1 of the mini comic. I will most likely do one more final pass over the art before I put the text in. Beefing up line weights and making things clearer if I need to. I'm still tossing around an idea for the title, but the main character is Jesop King. You can see the previous blog post here for some concept art for him. And here as well :)

Also, it's funny. All this time I've been bouncing around new ideas and concepts. In the end, I've come to the conclusion of using the story I first came up with, 'Da Hungah'. You can check that post out here as well.

This new version is a swap. Changing it to the world of Jesop King, but it will be essentially the same story as those pages in Da Hungah'.

So, enjoy! More pages coming soon!

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